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-RP Reviews (Full or First Look)
-Shout Outs/Promos
-FC Suggestions/Help
-PNG Packs
-General RP Help
-Color Schemes
-Manips (I mean.. I attempt)
-Graphics (These also are kind of hit or miss)


-Gif Hunts
-Theme Makeovers
-Gradient Packs
-Character PSDs
-FC Packs

*Honestly, I'm just not that amazing at the whole graphics/gifs/PSDs type stuff, but I'm trying to figure it out.*

If there's something you want that you're not sure if I do, don't be afraid to just ask!


Hey, babes. I'm Ashley and I'm nineteen years old. I currently live in Ohio and spend a huge portion of my free time on the internet. I love TV shows, the color aqua, Diet Coke, and Naya Rivera. There's a pretty good chance that I want to be friends with you, so don't be shy! Send me a message.

Hello, lovely people of Tumblr! First off, I just want to say thank you to all of my followers. I know 100 isn’t that much, especially in the roleplay community, but it’s a big deal to me so I wanted to put all I had into making something awesome to thank you guys!

Under the cut you will find a list of #100 (literally the biggest coincidence ever.. wtf) YouTubers between the ages of 51 and 15. There’s also a small list of children. I personally think that YouTubers are great to consider as FCs (especially for gossip blogs) as a lot of them are extremely underused. Most YouTubers put videos up regularly and will have tons of gifs here on the interwebs. If you find this list useful, please like or reblog! And, thank you all again for 100 followers.



The Children of YouTube:

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