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-RP Reviews (Full or First Look)
-Shout Outs/Promos
-FC Suggestions/Help
-PNG Packs
-General RP Help
-Color Schemes
-Manips (I mean.. I attempt)
-Graphics (These also are kind of hit or miss)


-Gif Hunts
-Theme Makeovers
-Gradient Packs
-Character PSDs
-FC Packs

*Honestly, I'm just not that amazing at the whole graphics/gifs/PSDs type stuff, but I'm trying to figure it out.*

If there's something you want that you're not sure if I do, don't be afraid to just ask!


Hey, babes. I'm Ashley and I'm nineteen years old. I currently live in Ohio and spend a huge portion of my free time on the internet. I love TV shows, the color aqua, Diet Coke, and Naya Rivera. There's a pretty good chance that I want to be friends with you, so don't be shy! Send me a message.


Freya Mavor Gif Hunt

Here is a gif hunt of Freya Mavor. There are 390 gifs in this hunt and most should be small, textless, and hq. None of these are mine but I resized and cropped a few. If you made any of these gifs and would like credit or to have them removed, let me know. Like/reblog if you found useful and enjoy!

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burlesquesrpg hit me up with: Hey, could we have a shoutout please? This is a brand new Burlesque roleplay and we are looking for new members. Thank you so much!

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Who’s Midnight Red…? I’ve never heard of them.

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"Hoplessly Devoted to You" color scheme by ofwritings.

#6F8370 #63A5E4 #BE2B30 #D1DCEB #232428

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Below the cut, you will find #513 small/medium HQ gifs of Luke Hemmings. None of these are mine, credits to the talented owners. Please like/reblog if this has been helpful to you. 


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FAVORITE FONTS #001 [download]

A pack of my favorite fonts. I have a slight obsession with fonts, so I have a lot of them to share with you guys. None of these fonts belong to me.

by jocewrites. please reblog or like if using.
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dirtyloverp hit me up with: Hi! I was wondering if you could check out this roleplay. We're new and we've just opened. This roleplay is about a Psychologist called Ben Wrightmen who took a group of teenagers out of Rehab and set them under one roof to study and evaluate their behaviour and to test how well they can cope. The teens will be given tasks to do daily to push them to the limits on how well they can control their addictions.

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shadowridgerp hit me up with: Can we please have a shoutout? We don’t have a supernatural twist, or an overly unique plot. There’s no curse placed over the town we're set in, or a ghost haunting it’s residents. Welcome to Shadow Ridge is merely a place for you to bring your character to life. A simple town/school RP. It’s home; a place to escape. As a roleplayer, what more could you ask for? Thank you!

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