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-Color Schemes
-Manips (I mean.. I attempt)
-Graphics (These also are kind of hit or miss)


-Gif Hunts
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*Honestly, I'm just not that amazing at the whole graphics/gifs/PSDs type stuff, but I'm trying to figure it out.*

If there's something you want that you're not sure if I do, don't be afraid to just ask!


Hey, babes. I'm Ashley and I'm nineteen years old. I currently live in Ohio and spend a huge portion of my free time on the internet. I love TV shows, the color aqua, Diet Coke, and Naya Rivera. There's a pretty good chance that I want to be friends with you, so don't be shy! Send me a message.

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AWITCHRPS makes a gradient - Lost in Wonderland

↳ I’m sure you figured out the theme of this pack pretty quickly, since it’s pretty obvious. Yes, here we have the characters from Alice in Wonderland (minus Alice since I’ve done her in a few packs already). And instead of droning on like I usually do, let’s just get it over with; if you download these or like them in general, please like/reblog this post. Also please do not redistribute these or claim them as your own. Follow those few rules and enjoy. <3


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Under this cut you can find #400 HQ gifs of DANIEL SHARMAN. None of these gifs are mine so full credit goes to the owners of those gifs. Make sure you like/reblog if you used or saved this gif hunt.


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She Looks So Perfect - BTS(x/©)

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↳201 HQ gifs of KRISTEN BELL will be found under this cut. None of these gifs are mine so full credit goes to the owners of the gifs. Please like/reblog if you used or saved those gifs.


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SHELLEYOFRPS presents her fifth gradient pack.

So there’s this amazing site called design-seeds that posts loads of different color schemes. I was really bored today, so I decided to make some gradients based on some random schemes, and this is the result! In the download link below you’ll find 10 different gradients, with 1 optional layer to all of them.
  • Don’t redistribute/steal
  • Don’t make an exact copy from scratch and post it; that’s still stealing
Please click that little heart if you use any of them or just reblog it if you wanna share them. Download HERE.
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oKAY so, first I just want to say thank you so fucking much because I didn’t expect to get so many followers that wasn’t the goal. The goal was to become a better roleplayer after going through a number of rps and I’m still working on that and with the help of these people and others I am maintaining that. Don’t mind my cheesey graphic, it was my first try.. Anyways, let’s get to it!

The baes, friends, associates, and just plain pain in the necks:

vincentassists, missrabbitofrps, torileah-rph, august1x1, caidens1x1, laila1x1, nellienatorrps, nofaddaa, banks-made, flameofrps, meofrps, christina-tho, thugofrps, jamalofrps , furyofrps

The most actually helpful rph’s I follow:

sheofrphs, chiefofrps, aprilrhodesrps, kalebrps, rianrps, zouisrrphs, sleepyrph, sexualfavors-rp, aislenrph, malikofrp, aaliyahofrph, arizbethofrp, hippieofrps, tayaofrp, taeofrps , shaymitchelps , shayofrp, louisofrp, letsrp, mitchofrp, lohanthony-rps, iamassists, chrissyrps (Let me have that url ;-;) niggawhatisthis , alexarph furyofrps, ofwritings, cocoofrps, jellyfishofrp, debbieandamsrph 

There are so many, I can’t even think of them right now! Don’t be offended or anything if you weren’t on here, I just can’t think of things at the moment. Anyways!  Here are some of my URBAN RPG RECOMMENDATIONS:

And those are just a few interesting plots to me, if you have some don’t be afraid to send them to me because I’m always looking for a good rpg to join, anyways thanks for everything, ummm.. I think I should do my theme right now but again I’m lazy. To conclude, NIGGA WE MADE IT.

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Upon request, here's a downloadable gif hunt with 148 small/medium HQ gifs of MARZIA BISOGNIN also known as CUTIEPIEMARZIA on youtube. All credit goes to their makers. If you plan on using these, please like/reblog.


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Freya Mavor Gif Hunt

Here is a gif hunt of Freya Mavor. There are 390 gifs in this hunt and most should be small, textless, and hq. None of these are mine but I resized and cropped a few. If you made any of these gifs and would like credit or to have them removed, let me know. Like/reblog if you found useful and enjoy!

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burlesquesrpg hit me up with: Hey, could we have a shoutout please? This is a brand new Burlesque roleplay and we are looking for new members. Thank you so much!

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